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School Administrators, School Teachers, and School Board Members, Specialized and Vital Information with Certified Trainers for:

Time To Teach
Robert’s Rules for School Board Members

Leadership for Teens

Parliamentary Procedure Training for Elected Officials, Civic Leaders, Board Members, and Organization Leaders

Basic Business Certification Course
Professional Certification Course
Advanced Professional Certification Course

Convention and Conference Presentations:
Breakout Sessions
Spouse Programs

Classes, Seminars, and
Certification Courses

Master of Ceremonies Certification Course
Listening for Couples
Leadership for Teens
For Meeting Planners
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Why is the motto for Faithrose, “Go hog wild or become a bore?”


Because “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”

Mission of Faithrose Seminars

To give every heart and every mind in every audience a uniquely personal opportunity to utilize the teaching, training, and speaking of Faithrose speakers and seminars to intentionally change their lives, thus changing the world one word at a time.


How do I go hog wild?


“Be challenged at a higher level.”
D. Faithrose

Deborah Faithrose - Author, Professional Speaker, Certified Instructor

Over seventeen years ago, Deborah Faithrose, CI, became aware of the power of communication by using words to inspire, motivate, and entertain. Most importantly, she realized that inspiration and motivation can only change the course of a person’s life when it becomes a permanent state of mind, a permanent way of dealing with challenges, and a permanent sense of joy for living... | Click here for more information about Deborah

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“Go hog wild or become a bore!

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